It's time for the SNP to end the political games on Brexit - Lewis Macdonald

31 January 2017

Commenting on Alex Salmond's remarks on the SNP's latest position on EU membership in a separate Scotland, Scottish Labour's Europe spokesman Lewis Macdonald said:

"The SNP is all over the place.

The Nationalists are tying themselves up in knots in an attempt to find a position that they think might help them scrape together enough votes in another referendum.

The SNP should focus on growing Scotland's economy and fixing the mess it has made of our schools and hospitals.

"It's time for the SNP to bring an end to the political games on Brexit. Nicola Sturgeon should rule out forcing another independence referendum on the people of Scotland altogether.

The facts may be inconvenient for the SNP, but the reality is that being part of the UK is even more important to jobs, the economy and our public services in Scotland than remaining in the UK.

Labour will vote against any SNP plan to impose another independence referendum on the people of Scotland."

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