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Macdonald calls for increased commitment on solar power

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald has called for SNP Ministers to give more support to solar power in Scotland after Fergus Ewing responded to parliamentary questions by offering to include solar in the Scottish Government’s Renewables Routemap for the first time.

Lewis Macdonald said today:

“I am glad the Scottish Government to include solar power in its Renewables Routemap this year where it has failed to do so in the past.

“Scotland could benefit enormously from solar power projects, whether on public or private land, or on the roofs of public or private buildings.

“If solar power is to maximise its potential, the renewable energy industry needs the support of the Scottish Government – something which has been lacking so far.

“While Fergus Ewing’s pledge to make the Scottish Government’s commitment to solar “more explicit” is to be welcomed, this needs to be backed up by action.

"Otherwise Scotland will miss out on a golden opportunity to benefit from solar power.”

The relevant parliamentary question is below.


Lewis Macdonald :To ask the Scottish Government, further to the answer to question on 13 July 2015, when it will adopt the recommendations for government action in the document, Solar Energy - A Viable Contributor to Renewables in Scotland, to integrate solar as a core part of the Scottish renewables strategy and to revise the renewable energy road map to 2025 and beyond with specific plans and targets for solar energy.

Fergus Ewing: We are engaging closely with the Solar Trade Association and Scottish Renewables to improve the environment for solar in Scotland and Scottish Government actions such as the current consultation on extending permitted development rights for solar have been welcomed by industry. Solar has always been part of our core Scottish Government Renewables policy as part of our wider energy mix, however we are including solar in our Renewables Routemap this year making our commitment to solar more explicit. Plans for solar and other renewable technologies beyond 2020 will form part of future policy statements in due course.


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