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SNP Ministers must listen to former leader on policing - Macdonald

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald has called on SNP Ministers to take heed of former leader Gordon Wilson’s recent comments on Police Scotland.

Lewis Macdonald said :

“When the former leader of the government party says that government has got it wrong on policing, we must hope that Ministers are listening.

“When somebody so senior in the SNP says that local communities and local councils do not have enough say in the provision of police services in their area, then it is time for Ministers to act – not least because such changes would save Police Scotland a £20m VAT bill.

“When a long-standing representative of Dundee recognises that the policing challenges are different in the North East and North of Scotland, then Police Scotland should listen and act accordingly.

“Policing in North East Scotland has been hit disproportionately hard by the way the SNP have carried through these changes. Ministers must surely now accept mistakes have been made and ensure no further damage is done.

“Reversing the planned closure of Aberdeen’s police control room and call centre is the easiest way to send a message to police officers, staff and the communities they serve that lessons have been learned.”


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