MSP urges Young’s and Sainsbury’s to think again at Christmas

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald today called on Young’s Seafood and Sainsbury’s to reconsider the decisions they have made which have led to hundreds of jobs being under threat at Young’s Fraserburgh plant.

Lewis Macdonald said today:

“Staff at Fraserburgh are the ones who are being hit hardest by these commercial decisions. It is time that management at Young’s and Sainsbury’s both realised the impact the loss of contracts or relocation of work can have on hard-working families, and reconsidered the decisions which have been made.

“Young’s, having lost the salmon contract with Sainsbury’s, then made the internal decision to end whitefish processing at Fraserburgh, despite not having lost any whitefish contracts, and seemingly regardless of the fact that this would leave hundreds more staff out of work in the North East town.

“Sainsbury’s have continued to experience problems with their salmon supply since switching from Young’s to an alternative processor. Surely now is the time to rethink their contract options, and look at a dual contract to save jobs in Fraserburgh and secure a reliable supply of Scottish salmon.

“Young’s staff and their families have not had much to smile about recently, and they have been acutely aware of the lack of priority given to saving their jobs.

“It would be the best Christmas gift possible if Young’s and Sainsbury’s could take a hard look at the effect of their decisions, and give some hope to those skilled and hard-working staff facing a festive season with the fear of redundancy in th


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