Macdonald calls for update on Stonehaven dialysis progress

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald today called on NHS Grampian to go public with its timetable for building a new renal dialysis unit in Stonehaven, now that campaigners have raised almost £1million.

Fundraisers in Stonehaven, including the local Rotary Club, patients and staff, have managed to raise the £950,000 needed to build the new unit and fit it out with beds, dialysis machines and other essential equipment.

Lewis Macdonald said :

“The campaigners who have been fighting to have a new dialysis unit built in Stonehaven have lived up to their end of the bargain, raising an incredible amount of money for the capital expenditure on a major project.

“Now it is the turn of NHS Grampian to ensure that there are no delays to this important scheme, which could see the travelling and treatment time for kidney patients in the Mearns cut by several hours each week.

“That is why I have called on the Chief Executive of NHS Grampian, Malcolm Wright, to publish a timetable for this project as soon as possible.

“Now that Stonehaven fundraisers have done the hard work, and raised almost a million pounds, they shouldn’t be made to wait any longer than necessary for their new dialysis unit.”


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