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Macdonald Signs Marie Curie pledges on palliative care

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald has signed up to Marie Curie’s pledges on palliative care, calling for all patients with a terminal illness to be given access to the services they need.

Lewis said :

“Easy access to good quality palliative care is quite simply essential for those patients facing a terminal illness.

“Figures from Marie Curie suggest that in Scotland 11,000 people a year miss out on the palliative care they need, often because they do not know what help is available or who to ask for help.

“I am happy to sign up to Marie Curie’s three pledges, to support constituents across the North East in getting access to the care and support they and their families need when faced with terminal illness.

“Everyone should have the right to palliative care if and when they need it, and I am delighted to support any efforts to help achieve that aim.”


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