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Macdonald backs Warm Homes Act for NE families

Scottish Labour plans for a Warms Homes Act will protect the poorest families in the North East from the worst effects of our winter climate, North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald said today.

Nearly 1 million households in Scotland live in fuel poverty, including many in Aberdeen and the North East.

Labour’s proposed Warm Homes Act will overhaul planning and building regulations so Scots can take advantage of home-grown sustainable heating technologies, and place a duty on landlords to improve properties and address fuel poverty.

Lewis Macdonald said:

“It is a national disgrace that in modern day Scotland so many of our low income families are struggling with energy bills despite being in work.

“Many families in Aberdeen and the North East live in fuel poverty and in the coldest climate in the country, and that’s why I want to see action.

“Scottish Labour will introduce a Warm Homes Act which will overhaul regulations and get Scotland ready for an energy efficiency revolution so that no one has to live in a home which they can’t afford to heat.

“This is a hat trick for a better Scotland. A Warm Homes Act will create jobs, tackle fuel poverty and mean we live up to our aspirations to be a world leader in tackling climate change.”


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