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North East policing faces serious staffing crisis - Macdonald

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald has called on SNP Ministers to take action over the results of a recent poll of Police Scotland staff and officers, which shows a third of the workforce is intending to leave in the next three years.

Lewis Macdonald said :

“Policing services have been decimated in the North East since the creation of Police Scotland in 2013, with the closure of police station counters and plans to close the 999 control room at Queen Street and the 101 service centre at Bucksburn.

“The results of this survey will come as no surprise to police officers and police staff based in the North and North East of Scotland. Morale is extremely low among the workforce, and there is no sign of any improvement on the horizon.

“It is clear that decisions made by Police Scotland have led to this situation, and unless SNP Ministers are willing to take action then we face a staffing crisis in our local police services in the very near future.

“We have already seen two tragedies, currently under investigation, which may turn out to have happened because of under-staffing. This situation will only get worse if the workforce is cut by a third over the next three years.

“Working for the police should be a job to be proud of and SNP Ministers must ensure no further damage is done to this reputation, and to the morale of those currently working for Police Scotland.”


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